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How to find your voice.

Masterclass: Heart - Voice connection

This workshop is about how stress and anxiety affect your voice and your ability to express yourself in the moment day to day, meetings and on stage. Explore a toolbox of practical exercises to reframe nerves and practice using your voice.

Your voice box and heart are connected via the vagus nerve - the largest cranial nerve in your body. Your voice picks up all of your emotions - your nervousness, self doubt, confidence, your truth and importantly any mis-match between how you feel and what you say.

As a speaker coach for over 15 years Marie has helped thousands of people share their story in a variety of situations from corporate presentation to the world stage.

Understand how:

  • Your voice is affected stress, trauma and burnout.
  • To regulate your emotions
  • Triggers affect your nervous system and build resilience
  • To manage your individual energy spend and the cost from going overdrawn!
  • Stop living on your nerves - to break the vicious cycle of self-sabotage causing stress and anxiety
  • Feel safe, secure and HALT dysregulation
  • Use your voice to de-stress
  • How to voice your truth
  • How to tell a story
In addition practical sessions will explore a toolbox of exercises that help you to reframe and find your voice.
This masterclass uses a ground breaking science backed framework to help you understand how to your nervous system affects your voice and what you can do to help.
You will explore a toolbox of practical exercises that help you to cope in the moment and build longer term confidence and resilience.
You will find this workshop informative and helpful if struggle to find your voice in social situations, meetings, presentations or on stage. Ideally you will have an interest in self development and learning.
You will understand:
  • How the nervous system affects your voice
  • The role of the nervous system in stress, chronic stress, trauma and burnout.
  • The effects of a regulated vs dysregulated nervous system
  • How to strengthen the vagal brake and ventral branch of the nervous sytem that affect social engagement
  • The benefits of story telling
  • Practical delivery sessions on a variety of topics.
  • How to apply a toolset of practical exercises to help build nervous system resilience.

Masterclass: Heart-Voice connection.



6 hours

Training aimed at anyone who struggles to find their voice, whether it be day-to-day, in meetings, presentations or on the world stage


Investment: £159

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