Small, consistent  actions each day will change your life.

Live daily morning yoga classes

Zoom Yoga has revolutionised the idea of developing a home practice.


Gone are the fancy studios with their exorbitant costs. More importantly gone are the comparisons, you can roll out of bed and practice in your PJ's. Rather than sit in traffic you can drink your morning coffee. The most imporatnt thing is that you can fit more yoga into your life and develop a consistent daily home practice. 
Unlimited daily yoga with Marie costs £35 per month. Each class is a full mind-body workout leaving you invigorated and ready for your day.

74% of people feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Yoga helps you to calm this feeling.

What people say about daily yoga via zoom



I joined Marie's online yoga classes  and they have really helped both with my fitness levels, as well as, mentally. As a teacher I often find work stressful. Marie's classes help me to focus my mind on the positives rather than the negatives. The breathing techniques I use everyday when I feel things may be getting a little too much. Saturday morning yoga is my escape after a busy week in work and I love it.



"I'd never done yoga before when I joined Marie's classes and it's been a great decision. Marie has been a brilliant and friendly teacher who has helped me do yoga moves I could never have pulled off. I chose to do yoga mainly because of it's mental health benefits and I feel it's improved a lot. Marie does a wonderful job at focusing on this. I would highly recommend her.



After completed a beginners yoga course with Marie, I'm completely hooked!Marie is full of encouragement, enthusiasm and her genuine warmth, kindness and knowledge is what makes her yoga classes so brilliant. I'm now doing yoga 6 days a week which is something I'd thought I'd never be able to achieve. Thank you Marie you are an inspiration!



At first it was difficult to imagine how I would ever regain the flexibility lost through years of sitting at a desk or in a car on long work trips. I saw a difference almost immediately. I now try to do it three or four classes a week. I have less aches and pains, increased strength and flexibility and have learnt important breathing techniques that I find myself doing without thinking when I need to calm myself.



Yoga with Marie has taught me so much more than I could have hoped for. My practice improved and I feel fitter, healthier and more centred. Marie provides fantastic support and challenge. She is knowledgeable, kind, motivational and creative. I think what is also unique is this isn't just about doing challenging yoga poses but embarking on an individual journey with the support of a truly inspirational person. As a busy working mum I have managed to continue regular practice and I look forward to each session.



Marie took the time to explain why we were doing the poses as well as showing us how to do them. This and her encouragement to just accept where you are at with yoga has led me to continue. I am feeling the mental and physical benefits every day!



Menopausal and having sat at a desk for over 30 years, I knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I joined the Beginner’s Course and loved it. Marie checked in with me prior to the first class to discuss my health issues. In class she explains each step & I never felt out of my depth. Marie acknowledges that it’s hard to turn up to on your mat and encourages us all to overcome those mental challenges. I certainly didn’t anticipate the influence yoga would have.



Marie is an absolutely wonderful yoga teacher so kind and patient. She makes her sessions inspiring and joyful and gives helpful feedback to enable you to make progress. Marie is also loads of fun so the sessions are enjoyable at the same time as getting a great workout. This is not just a workout for the body as Marie regularly has pearls of wisdom to impart. Marie's yoga class gives me the best start to my day.