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BEGINNERS YOGA COURSE: Sunday 9th January 2022

Life can be tricky.

Conditioned into patterns of living, we believe we have to be more than we are.


Driven by the endless stories in our head about who we should or could be; we seek relief binging on caffeine, exercise, alcohol and food.


We disconnect from our body and nervous system. We become over-whelmed, anxious and inflamed. Our life feels unmanageable and out of control.


Stay in YOUR magic.

We are not responsible for everything that has happened to us...but we are responsible for our healing, well-being and direction of our life.

The moment we accept this, magic happens.


We learn that each day we get to make a choice, to let go of those endless stories in the mind, to be present, kind to ourself and to find what brings us joy in life.

This is not an easy task. Many people remain stuck in their ways and allow their physical and mental health to decline.


However the practice of yoga is a gift that has guided the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of humans for 10,000 years. Practiced throughout the world it is extolled by neuroscience and medics as one of the most effective approaches for maintaining physical and mental health.

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