Prioritise and nourish your nervous system.

Creating a happier community

When our nervous system functions well we allow ourselves to experience all the good stuff. A life filled with joy, contentment and wellbeing brings happiness.

Chronic stress and trauma switches our nervous system ON. Instead of growth our default is survival mode.

Happiness can feel a long way off.
We drift on autopilot, numb out and are hi-jacked by our emotions. Our ways of coping often make things worse. 

We forget we have agency. We lose our ability to experience joy, stable relationships and to be productive. This can go on for weeks, months, years and even decades. It doesn't have to.

Youve mastered survival mode, now it's time to take back control and thrive.

Quick fixes, the latest self-help fads and talking therapies don't work longer term if we've experienced chronic stress or trauma. We need to re-wire our nervous system to do things differently. (Learn More)

50% of happiness is genetic, 40% choice and 10% fortune. Ignoring your nervous system breeds discontent

Tell better stories

We perceive the world through stories. We use the narratives to programme our brain and nervous system. These stories help us cope and make sense of the world.

When our stories become
outdated, we feel stuck, anxious, lost or unable to reach for a happier life. We are trapped within our own nervous system. This can last for days, months, years and even a lifetime.

If the stories we tell ourselves always end the same way then we repeat our behaviour until we are willing to learn and change the narrative.

Neuroplasticity is real but only when we tell ourselves better stories.