It's not about the shape of your pose.

It's about the shape of your life.

Aged 43, Marie tried her first yoga class in a last ditch attempt to avoid a double knee replacement. It was a wake-up call that changed the shape of her life.

Today Marie is a certified yoga instructor combining it with her work as a Consultant Psychologist and psychotherapist. She began teaching yoga online at the start of the UK pandemic as a support for friends and family. Her LIVE classes proved powerful both physically and mentally. She continues to host a small but ever growing private community and via the magic of zoom brings yoga into homes and workplaces on a daily basis. In addition Marie offers bespoke classes for individuals and businesses.

Where do you want to go today?

The Four Elements of Yoga with Marie

Every yoga workshop or class Marie teaches is magical and contains four unique and sacred elements:


Ritual has been a part of human existance for millenia and is an inherent component in the 10,000 year old yogi teachings. You are encouraged to establish small routines, habits and rituals to prime your body and mind for practice. This can be as simple as how you roll out your mat, musical backdrop, lighting a candle or saging a room before your practice.


If you can breathe you can practice yoga. Marie leads her classes with the breath. She incorporates different types of pranyama (yogi breathwork) and continually references the breath throughout her teaching. You will develop a strong relationship with your body and mind via your breath. 


Yoga is a moving mediation. Sitting in traditional meditation is very challenging for the average person (read about meditation here) and the yogi's acknowledged this after 5000 years. They began to sequence beneficial movements to affect the nervous system thereby allowing the body and mind to relax more and facilitating meditation.


Marie is a stickler for alignment. Aligment of the pose, alignment with the breath and the alignment of our practice to our life off the mat. To enhance progress and to prevent unnecessary injuries every sequence considers functional alignment and every posture spinal alignment.