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Breathe Move Strength Release.

Wired to move.

Our nervous system and body is dedicated to movement, even our emotions are connected to motor movement. Yet we hold ourselves back, trapped in our own body.

This affects posture, flexibility, mobility, strength and nervous system. Tension becomes trapped, trauma remains unhealed, we suffer AMNESIA OF SPIRIT and we forget we have a choice in our own happiness. Marie provides a physical, mental and spiritual daily check in and practice to help you find peace of mind and more ease in every phase of your life.

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54% of people who practice yoga do it to relieve stress and tension.

Safe spaces to draw out your true nature

Morning yoga via zoom

In the safety of your own home or workplace.


Gone are the fancy studios with their exorbitant costs.  Simply roll out of bed and practice in your PJ's - move more  as live classes are  zoomed directly to you each morning into your own home or workplace.
All of the benefits of a small classes and a little bit of therapy every day.
"I began practising yoga with Marie during lockdown and continue via zoom today. Marie is a wonderful Yoga teacher, so warm, accommodating, patient and funny, which is very refreshing!! She has really helped me build confidence in my practice and give constructive advice to help me improve. She’s amazing!!" Helen

Workplace Wellbeing

NICE guidelines suggest workplace yoga for improved posture and overall health.

A HEALTHY NERVOUS SYSTEM is more productive and less prone to burnout.  Marie's classes Incorporate strong musical playlists, meditation and a little bit of therapy in every class. 
Yoga Class
Marie has been hosting our workplace well-being classes for a couple of years now and is fantastic! Marie helped our teams and customers unwind, destress, and even assisted with injuries. The yoga sessions have grown in popularity and followers over the years, creating a real community of yogis! Her approach has always been considered and personalised for each practitioner, and her practice has been so well received that Marie has gathered quite a devoted following! Kel

Community Collaborations

Safe supportive community groups.

Marie teams up with local communities to help increase access to yoga & breathwork therapy.
We feel safe in suportive community groups, helping to heal and release stress.
Fun at Yoga
Marie is a wonderful teacher. It's was many years since I last did yoga, but I've found a renewed sense of peace and strength in the three years I've been practicing with her. Somehow she manages to combine a gentle approach with total accountability. It's much more than a physical exercise class - I continued on-line during lockdown and being part of a lovely yogi community was so sustaining. Clare

74% of people feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Yoga helps to calm this feeling.

Nature connects us with our primal energy and our most powerful expression of our true nature.


Marie leads outdoor yoga, breathwork and cold therapy experiences as an alternative for a Hen or birthday treats and as part of wider leadership or personal development training.

Wild Wellness

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