Your past does not define you. You don't have to stay where you are.

Your story is not over yet.

Therapeutic coaching is less concerned with the past and more about what happens next.


For anyone who has a traumatised nervous system processing past events can be difficult. Many of us will not remember or don't want to remember. Others may lack the words to explain, tell a story or the ability speak them out loud. Traditional therapy also often resorts to describing chronological events. This can be unhelpful for emotional processing.
Powerful language free ways are available to help us to tell our story and relate it back to what is happening to us in the moment.
Re-wire use somatic experiencing, breathwork, cold water immersion and breathwork, physical movement, yoga or art therapy, writing, hypnosis and hiking in nature.


Life is not Linear. You are exactly where

you need to be.

This might be hard to hear right now, but you are exactly where you need to be. Life is not a straight line. We cannot delete bad memories and experiences and move on. Neither will any amount of fighting or resistance change your reality. We tend to stay in one place until we undersand the learning our experiences bring and integrate them into our behaviours.

This is why what happens next is so important.
Therapeutic coaching may be for you, if you:
  • Are is a difficult place right now and want to move on
  • Feel like you have no energy or motivation and want to change this
  • Want to gain more clarity and focus
  • Would like to learn to manage anxiety or pain
  • Want to bring more health, wealth and vitality into your life
  • Feel stuck and want to become unstuck
  • Feel like life is passing you by and want to take control
  • Want to work with your nervous system rather than just talk

You will gain an appreciation of exactly who you are and where you want to go.
You will:
  • Understand how stress, trauma and burnout affect your nervous system
  • Learn about your individual energy spend
  • Prioritise your nervous system (increase emotional regulation and and decrease inflamation)

  • Push off from exactly where you are right now using radical acceptance

  • Stop fighting and resisting your reality

  • Decide on who and what to let into you life based on how you want to feel.

  • Reach for joy and a happier life


Give up the fight, resistance and the struggle. Push off from here!

The unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering in life is what keeps us trapped in prisons of the mind and hyjacked by our emotion. We learn to cope and behave in ways that can make our situation worse. 
Therapeutic coaching invites you to bring into your life those practices that help you to face life on lifes terms. 
We use a variety of approaches to facilitate re-wiring and healing. Some are cutting edge neuroscience and others medical backed ancient wisdom. We also work closely with partners who specialise in deep healing experiences.

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We cannot just delete bad memories and only keep the good ones. We must first understand the learning they bring.