Marie's Story

"Aged 43, I had come to a cross roads in life. I was ticking the boxes career-wise, materially, socially and looked physically fit. But behind the scenes things were not so shiny.  I tortured my body with the latest gruelling fitness, ignored trauma and over-extended myself for decades. I struggled to climb the stairs. I was burnt out.

In a last ditch attempt to avoid a double knee replacement, I tried a yoga class. It was a wake-up call. What you learn on the mat is more than just the physical. Calming the mind through breath and movement is magical and today I can also climb mountains."


Short bio


Marie's formal qualifications include: certified yoga instructor, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, chartered psychologist and coach.


A vibrant, energetic presenter and facilitator, Marie's ability to communicate and engage others is how the magic happens. She combines science with ancient human wisdom in a no bullshit and empowering heartfelt approach. 

Having worked nationally and internationally as a Consultant Psychologist and Psychotherapist in the field of human performance and well-being for over 20 years she more recently added yoga therapist to her professional skillset.

INSPIRED BY: Nature, kindness

FACILITATION STYLE: Empowering & Heartfelt.


ON ROTATION:Florence, Mumford & Sons, Roo Panes, Beautiful Chorus, Alexis French, East Forest.

PLACES: Snowdonia Wales, Celebes Sea.