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A well-tuned spirit is an invincible force

Caught up in the daily grind we forget to feed our spirit with what matters.

We live in a culture that values consumerism and equates our worth to what we achieve or look like.


We try to keep up and in doing so become so drenched in stress that we don't even realise it.

We live in metabolical survival mode, as if we are fighting for our life. Over time we suffer amnesia of spirit as we forget who we are and what really matters.


We forget that we have agency and a choice in how to live.

Hello, I'm Marie,

I'm a scared person at heart. I thought success woud bring  happiness but somewhere along the way I must have picked up the wrong message. In fact chasing success usually brings discontent and the disease of wanting more

At age 43 my body brought me to a halt. Society calls it..."burn out," I prefer to call it
"Amnesia of the Spirit;" I adjusted myself so much to the outside world, I forget who I was and what was important for me.

REWIRE with MARIE is my hard-won lived experience combined with my expertise as a psychologist & psychotherapist.

I have worked around the world with people who are at their worst and their best and offer transformative training and daily practices to help you find what really matters. 

Read Marie's Manifesto
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