Marie's Story

Hi there, I'm Marie,


I try to live in a way that feeds my heart and spirit, even when that goes against the norm.


I'm no longer interested in the exhausting hamster wheel and constant hustle of consumerism. I no longer strive to mold myself into an unhealthy cultural system. 

Success for me did not lead to happiness, rather over-indulgence, torturing my body with the latest fad fitness, addiction, ignoring trauma and continually pretending I was doing ok. This led to what I now understand to be imbalance in my nervous system and chronic inflamation. Aged 43 I was burnt out.

In a last ditch attempt to avoid a double knee replacement due to arthritis, I tried yoga. Something inside of me knew in that first class that it would change my life.

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Today I am deeply interested in real human connection and in helping others to remain as anchored as possible to the goodness, wealth and magic of life. To do this we must calm our nervous system and reach for what brings us joy so that we don't get lost and disoriented  in the spin of our experience.

So you will find me hiking in the mountains, practicing yoga and meditation and surrendering to the power of the ocean waves (the colder the better!)

Inspired by: Nature & Kindness

Facilitation style: Empowering & Heartfelt

Favourite Podcast: Sam Harris
On Rotation: Florence, Roo Panes, Black Pumas, George Ezra, Alexia Chellun, Jon Baptiste

Places: Snowdonia & Angelsey, Wales. Celebes Sea, Insonesia.
Favourite yoga pose: Camel.


Short Bio: Marie Burns MSc Ch.Psy.


Marie is deeply interested in real human connection and helping others to remain as anchored as possible to the goodness, wealth and magic of life.


A consultant psychologist, somatic psychotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher Marie's work focuses on mental and physical wellbeing through one-to-one coaching, workshops and live events.

A vibrant, energetic presenter and facilitator, Marie's ability to engage and harness the energy of the room is what sets her apart. She brings cutting edge research, creativity, humour and a heartfelt approach with the intention of creating a safe and empowering space. Marie understands the interconnectness of our enviroment, psychological, physical, emotional, social and spirit in our health and wellbeing and works holistically drawing from yoga, psychology, breathwork and neuroscience.

Marie has worked as a facilitator and coach in the field of human performance and wellbeing, both in the UK and globally, for over 20 years.