In the midst
of winter,
I finally found
within me
an invincible summer.

It's not about escaping from life.

Freedom in life is the willingness to lean in towards goodness especially when we are being swept away by the ever changing currents.

When pain, anguish, restlessness or dissatisfaction take root it takes over our body, mind and psyche.

We suffer an amnesia of the spirit.

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea
We forget we have agency and a choice in the matter. We forget how deeply we care about our lives and the people in it and this world.

Wintering retreats are about harnessing the natural healing powers of winter.

They will help you find a way, a process, as unique as you, so that when life comes as it always does like a tornado through your door, you will be able to courageously and continuously anchor yourself in a calm spot within the eye of the storm.
Image by Ryan Moreno


Healing Powers of Wintering 

Wintering teaches us to dig deep and find the invincible summer within.


Traditionally Winter is the time for re-set and healing. It can be one of the most joyful times of the year or one of the most dark and stressful periods.

Each of our winter takes advantage of a stunningly wild and raw location. Our approach is holistic, drawn from the lenses of neuroscience, psychology, art and movement therapy. We immerse ourselves in the wonder of nature, attentive to the to the mystery of being.
Our days and evenings will be gloriously filled with inspiration  to help you to integrate your learning and thrive:
  • Ceremony
  • Sharing circles
  • Somatic awareness
  • Playful movement
  • Cold water wild swims
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Coastal hike
  • Poly-vagal practice
  • Energising and restorative yoga
  • Cutting edge psychology and neuroscience
  • Group work and coaching
Friends at the Beach_edited.jpg


Wintering retreats are for you if you:

  • Want to learn to flow with all of seasons, colours and the phases of your life.
  • Are in a difficult place right now and need a boost to move on
  • Struggle with low energy or motivation and want that to change this
  • Want to gain more clarity and focus
  • Want to bring more health and vitality into your life
  • Feel stuck and want to become unstuck
  • Feel like life is passing you by and want to take back control

Push off from here!
The scariest part of life is the difference between knowing and doing. For many of us doing is the bridge too far.
Fighting and resistance will not change the reality out there not change us inside. This retreat is to encourage you to drop your struggle and push off from here.
You will learn...
  • How stress, trauma and burnout affects your nervous system
  • About your triggers - how they expand your growth and help to establish boundaries.
  • About your individual energy spend
  • To prioritise your nervous system using radical acceptance

  • To reach for beauty, goodness and joy

  • To create a happier life

We will NEVER ask you:

To fake it until you make it. You are not an impostor, you can only be who you are.

To focus on only on the positive. Life is full of experiences, some joyful and some that cause us pain. The reality of life is the tug and tension between both worlds.

To be strong. We will remind you to soften the body and to allow nature to hold you. You will feel supported by a community dedicated to personal growth.

To take part in rah-rah-happy-clappy promises. But we will invite you to experience feelings of awe, aha moments and wonder at the mysteries of life.


Free Spirit

Wintering Retreat

Free Spirit Retreat 1.6 .png

The Isle of Anglesea, UK. November 2022


3 days, 2 nights.

Image by Daniel Seßler
PRE-WORK: 20 minute chat with Marie. Complete a values based strengths questionnaire (20 mins)


We kick-off with a Mindful gentle coastal hike to a sacred island site built on Jasper - a powerful, metamorphic energy stone symbolic of courage and the path we will take over the weekend.

Return to hotel for Welcome Ceremony and Breathwork
8pm Dinner

Gentle somatic Movement and Breathwork to prepare us for the day ahead.
8.30am Breakfast
Sharing Circle
Polyvagal workshop to calm and re-set
Breathwork preparation for Wild Water Cold Swim
Playful creative workshop
7.30pm Dinner

Powerful heart opening Yoga
8.30am Breakfast
Psychology Workshop: Motivation, Energy and Boundaries
Radical Acceptance Meditation
Breathwork practice for Wild Water Cold Swim 
Closing Ceremony


The hotel has been chosen because of it's unrivalled location. Beautiful yet simple, no airs and graces, you will feel immediately at home. It caters for a range of diets including chips!!

The cost is based on two-people sharing a room. Includes art materials, 2 nights dinner bed and breakfast, tea's and all activities. No car necessary once we arrive.
Cost does not include transportation to and from venue. (car sharing is possible).

Investment: Early bird payment £375 until 10th Oct sharing a twin room (single room supplement £100). Payment plan.
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