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In the midst of winter, I finally found within...

An Invincible Summer

Wintering is a metaphor for life. We have come to believe that the more we do, the faster we do it, the more we become. Our worth has become equated to what we have achieved.

There are cycles we are ignoring. Caught between societal values and our own true nature, we can suffer an amnesia of the spirit and forget we have a choice in our own happiness.

Wintering teaches us that all life needs rest and incubation, time beneath the surface where we can, dream, grow and reconnect with our nature.



High Vibe Wintering Retreats  

Find the home inside of yourself as you learn to flow with all of the seasons, cycles, colours and phases of your life. Lean into truth and goodness, despite the ever changing currents.

Immersed in the wonder of nature, attentive to the to the mystery of being we allow new life to form. Guided by body intelligence, we dream, we grow, we connect.
Marie's workshops & retreats bring:


  • Ceremony + Sharing circles
  • Somatic awareness
  • Quiet / Silence
  • Playful movement, book club & art therapy
  • Hiking + Cold water wild swims
  • Breathwork + Meditation
  • Energising / restorative yoga
  • Psychological mindset
  • Talk on nutrition + hormones
  • Laughter, feminine energy + wisdom
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Wintering workshops and retreats to help you:

  • Move on from a difficult experience
  • Become unstuck
  • Bring more health and vitality into your life
  • Climb back into the driving seat of your life
  • Get back in touch with the mystery of life.

Learn more about our RETREAT MANIFESTO...


Upcoming Wintering Retreats

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