The Team

"Hi I'm Marie, I live in a way that nourishes my nervous system and feeds my heart and spirit even when it goes against the norm.
I'm a single mama and live on the Wirral peninsula in the UK.

Guided by society, I searched for happiness in all of the wrong places. I tortured myself with gruelling fitness routines, burnt the candle at both ends, worked 50+ hours a week for years, stayed in unhealthy relationships and I mistook success for happiness. Aged 43 I was burnt out. 

As a last resort I began a daily yoga practice. It taught me to pay attention to my body, my triggers and the power of focusing on healing the nervous system as a daily practice.

I had tried for most of my life to fit into an unhealthy system. This exacerbated my already dyregulated nervous system. Today I let the world adjust to me."
My work today is a combination of body and breathwork, mindset and strategy. The methods I use are informed by specialised training, ongoing research, working alongside reputable mentors and thought-leaders, data gathered from successfully supporting thousands of people globally, and invaluable lessons collected from my own personal and professional experiences.

Whether you’re an individual or team considering working with me, I should make it clear that I take a straightforward no BS route. I’m deeply committed to respecting your individuality and our work together will be rooted in foundational values such as truth, self-responsibility, curiosity, accountability and compassion.

Facilitation Style: Insightful, intimate, feminine, forthright.
Favourite podcasts: Making Sense, Wild
On Rotation: Black Pumas, George Ezra, Florence, Alexia Chellum, Billy Ocean.
Favourite places: Wales. Celebes Sea.
My Joy: Sea swimming, yoga, hiking, scuba, painting.
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