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Hello, I'm Marie,

25+ yrs Chartered Psychologist 
15 yrs Somatic Therapist 
15 yrs Clinical Hypnotherapist
5 yrs Yoga & Breathwork facilitator
yrs Performance Coach.

I'm a scared person at heart.
The world always felt too much. I felt too much.
I lived in hope that wi
th increasing awareness, expertise or just age life would become easier. It didn't, it just got messier and I got better at pretending!
Age 43 I burnt out.

As a Chartered psychologist working internationally at the top of my game, this felt like a big deal. I felt like a failure.
I realised that our nervous system doesn't do "faking it."
Pretending is ignoring our biology and my whole body had revolted.
Today I live differently.
I stopped adjusting myself to the world and instead I try to listen to my own biology. 
This doesn't mean I sit back in complacency...but that I continue to grow in a way that feels natural.
It's not easy but there is available to us timeless philosophy and practices that help us to change what we can and learn to endure what we cannot change.

I supervise and offer psychotherapeutic training for psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapist. I draw from psychodynamic, the neuroscience of nervous system regulation, rational emotive behavioural therapy, person centred and attachment based approaches. 
I offer daily morning yoga, meditation &

Read Marie's Manifesto.

MY STYLE: Illuminating, Compassionate, Forensic.
My PODCASTS: Making Sense +Huberman + Sarah Wilson
CURRENT ROTATION: Black Pumas, Alexia Chellum
MY PLACES: Wales, Celebes + Ionian Seas
FIND ME: Head in a book, on my y
oga mat, swimming in the sea.
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