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1. It's not about faking it until you make it. You are not an impostor, you can only be who you are.

2. Acceptance is our practice. Accepting that life is full of experiences, some joyful and some that cause us pain - there is a tug and tension between both worlds, not just the positive. Acceptance is not being a door mat but learning to live with reality - understanding that we have limited influence and control.


3. The foundation of timeless wisdom & practice is learning to focus on what we can control and finding a way to endure what cannot be controlled and changed.We

4. To endure the pain of life we need to be vulnerable enough to learn to soften the body and be held and supported.

5. Rah-rah-happy-clappy promises and sugar-coated quick fixes fade. Experiencing all feelings and choosing how to focus our attention is our practice, including filling our life with awe, aha moments and wonder.

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