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Living in SURVIVAL MODE wreaks havoc on our body and mind. The world feel unsafe and overwhelming. We cope by:


  1. Armouring up psychologically and physically whenever we sense a threat, real or imagined. (FIGHT)

  2. We put distance between ourselves and the world.  We hide, back off and make ourselves and our lives small. (FLIGHT)

  3. We numb out, shut down and stop reaching for life. (FREEZE)

  4. We emesh ourselves with others who we fear. We forego our needs, our rights and our boundaries. (FAWN)

  5. We check out from reality, from our truth from accepting all that we are. We get ill. We burnout.

Nervous system DYSREGULATION.

Dysregulation occurs when our brain/body thinks we are under threat. We function in survival mode (sympathetic nervous system). Our body takes over our mind.

Trauma or chronic stress may result in survival mode becoming the norm and our ability to "rest, digest and nest" (or parasympathetic nervous system) gets pushed aside. This affects up to 70% of people across all incomes and is getting worse generation by geration. It's the root cause of most chronic illnesses including burout - average age for burnout is 43.


Your doctor hasn't spoken about this because there are no pharmaceutical solution!  Beta blockers, opiods, benzos, anti-depressants, or CNS suppressants etc inhibit or up-regulate components of nervous system funtioning. They treat the symptoms and not the root cause. We pop pills to endure triggering, toxic or unhealthy lifestyles or environments and expect our mindset to change our life. This keep us dysregulated and living in survival mode. 

How do you REWIRE a nervous system?

Virtually anything you do good or bad rewires your nervous system. The fact that you had breakfast this morning results in change. Depending on what you ate, new connections are made and others are diminished.


We are what we repeatedly do because neurons that fire together wire together. Rewiring tends to be related to the amount of time we invest but psychedelic medicine, an intense spiritual experience and feelings of awe may produce immediate changes.

Red Plastic Portrait


   LEVEL 3:            Nervous system


   LEVEL 2:           REGULATE




   LEVEL 1:           RELEASE emotional,

                           physical &

                           psychological energy.

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