Move your body to ground your mind.

When we move our body, it changes our mind.

The purpose of Yoga is to calm the fluctuations of the mind.

It's great that we get stronger, more flexible too but moving our body in yoga allows us to ride the tsunami of our thoughts and emotions.

Modern yoga is often seen as being able to twist yourself into a pretzel, fancy leggings or a swanky stuido.

However its taken 10,000 years of studying human movement and behaviour has developed the practice of yoga and it's none of the above. It's definitely not competitive, age restrictive or for a particular body shape.
Science backed research has demonstrated that yoga can help to heal trauma, build nervous system resilience and therefore prevent chronic lifestyle illnesses.

74% of people feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Yoga helps you to calm this feeling.


Essential elements of yoga



has been a part of human existance for millenia and is inherent in our 10,000 year old yogi practice. Establishing small routines, habits and rituals prime our body and mind for practice.

is our lifeforce (prana). If you can breathe you can practice yoga. Yoga incorporates different types of pranyama (breathwork) which changes our nervous system, energy and mindset.


builds the foundation of beneficial movement including strength, flexibility and mobility. Particular movements also allow the processing of tension, trauma and impacts on interoception - our feeling of wellbeing.


brings harmony in the body preventing injury; with the breath ensuring energy flow, diaphramtic breathing and vagal nerve stimulation. Our lessons on our yoga mat also align to our life.


Here's what people are saying about yoga.


"I had tried a few yoga classes and wasn't quite sure! However yoga with Marie has been a revelation. I feel so much more grounded, calm and more able to cope with the madness that life keeps throwing at us. I also started out as stiff as a board and terrified of half of the poses, now I find myself turning up to the mat early to pop off 10 sun salutations before the start of class. I even bought a bigger suitcase this summer because wherever I go now, my yoga mat needs to come too." Jo.
"I've been zooming into Marie’s classes and it has been great to commit to a daily practice. Marie is always really positive, (brilliant first thing on a morning) and I've definitely got better at integrating my breathing into my yoga. I feel the benefit in increased flexibility and core strength. Marie's classes are creative, varied and challenging. She has high expectations of us all and encourages us to keeping raising the bar." Mike
"Marie is a wonderful Yoga teacher, so warm, accommodating, patient and funny, which is very refreshing!! She has really helped me build confidence in my practice and give constructive advice to help me improve. She’s amazing!" Helen
"I’ve loved every single one of Marie’s classes she make them fun and accessible but challenging at the same time. I’ve learnt so much about yoga (obviously) but also myself and it has 100% been beneficial to my mental health as well as physical."