Feedback. . .what people say.

Woman Wearing a Scarf

...but in reality...

You struggle with your mood.

You keep your struggles to yourself.

You are your own worst critic.

You feel a low level anxiety most of the time.

You get easily frustrated or annoyed.

You keep yourself busy.

The material side of life is no longer rewarding.

You use caffeine, alcohol, food, exercise, self-help, shopping and relationships to feel better.

You hide the darker sides of yourself from yourself.
You know deep down there is a different way to live.

High fuctioning often looks like:

You glide through your professional life like a pro.

You've done well academically or in business.

You set out to create a good impression.

Your life looks shiny on the outside.

You have a lot of energy and drive (more than most).

You are concerned with what others think of you.

You burn the candle at both ends.

You have a challenging fitness regime.

You say 'yes' to more than you can handle.

You live life to the max.