Image by Brooke Cagle

Do work that brings you JOY

How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.


We all have a unique skillset and talent. It comes from our true nature as a human being.


This can be masked through education, having lived a life of obligation or duty or by simply not having the courage to looking inside.


When that voice calling us towards freedom becomes so loud and strong that it begins to affect our body and our health there are  usually three reasons why we continue to choose dullness and suffering rather than focus on doing what brings us joy:



Self-efficacy - the belief in their own ability to succeed

Hope - a feeling, expectation or desire that it can happen to them

A plan - a particular focus,  skillset and a course of action.



If you would like to explore your true calling, Marie's, Push off from here! is a process to help you find Joy in Work.


We begin with radical acceptance of all that you are. This includes your mental and physical health, your current social and economic situation and your skillset. This takes away all expectations and allows you to establish a baseline of who you are in this world.

Through the use of motivational interviewing, personality assessment and a very unique tried and tested guided process, together we will  elicit your unique talents and skillset.

Summary of Investment

Your Time: 8 hours +

Maries Time: 3 hours

Cost £350