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Wintering Retreats

Find the invincible summer within.


Mayer Hall, Bebington, Wirral.

1030-2.30 pm

Hello, I'm Marie,

"Four years ago, fast approaching 50, a single mama, arthritic, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and still working a very lucrative high flying career, I decided to follow my longing.

I wanted to share my joy of yoga movement with the world. It had changed my life and I believe it could change others. I certainly didn't fit the stereotypical yogi!

When it comes to change, concerns are often about short term security, usually money - it's our nervous system putting us into survival mode. But it's easy to count the £'s and ignore hidden costs of poor health, unhappiness because we are settling for a life less than what we deserve.

Thre is no joy in settling and the second act of our life needs to be even better than the first or what's the point! Today I help women facing their second act to find and live to their own rhythm!
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Visioning 2023

What do you Long for?


Sunday 8 January 2023

We have sensed a longing, a desire deep inside our bones for a while, for years... we push it down hoping it will somehow disappear. The tiny whisper just gets louder and louder until we can't ignore our truth any longer.

Longing takes us into uncharted territory. We leave behind the paths of certainy and enter the unknown, the cave we fear to enter but holds all the treasure we seek.

This workshop go goes to the place that holds us back. We tackle beliefs, energy spend, habits and automatic conditioning. We confront our worst thoughts and fears and shift energy via movement and meditations coming deeper into our body letting go of our critical mind. We get creative, messy and envisage how we can step forward, defining our personal mission as to how we want to live.


Please bring with

Bring cushions, yoga mat, blanket, cosy socks, a beautiful diary or notebook.

Additional materials will be provided by Marie.

We will pause for a light vegetarian lunch - please bring something small to share with the group eg. salad, dip and crudeties, some eggs or cheese etc.

Delicious teas, coffee and home made nutrious snacks will be provided.

Investment for workshops: £40 (discount for those who have a monthly subscription to Yoga with Marie).

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden
Image by Katherine Hanlon
The Wintering Retreat

"I want a quiet, cosy space, tucked away from the crowds. I want to be close to huge trees with falling leaves, now dormant and seeking rest and stillness.
I love the smell of candle light, bergamot, sandalwood and thyme; to sip lavender tea and warm cacao - soothing and heart opening.
I seek the company of wise women who've learnt the great value in dropping down closer to the earth, allowing one another the space to breathe and time to be in wondrous simplicity of being without an excuse.
We share our fears, concerns and our joy and together we journey within to where our dreams and ideas grow. 
As we close our eyes and breathe, we move our body as nature intended, reconnecting to our wisdom shimmering just beneath the surface. Effortless in our being, together we cultivate that sense of deep inner peace and courage to follow our own rhythm. " MB

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